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19 Oct    dating rules for men

Hi, I’m using a site downloaded from the play store called idates. On this site I’m meeting a French girl, I saw her profile and I gave her a heart, she did the same and after a while she sends me a message saying that if she found me first she would contact me. We’ve been meeting for a week and a half, I asked her for the number and she told me it’s too early, and she’s a stranger, I asked her for the Facebook contact but she said it was pirated and no he gave it to me. I would like your opinion on this situation that I have described and also on the application. However, to chat you do not have to subscribe but you pay a figure for a certain amount of credits, usually I take the € 10 one which has 450 credits and each message costs 50 credits. So that’s 9 messages for 10 €. His messages are not synthetic and do not seem like a BOT, on the contrary he expressed his feelings and concerns to me, he told me about his work and that he is very committed. I really don’t know what to think. I really hope it’s not fake because I like it a lot.

Hi Nicandro, unfortunately I have no direct experience with iDates so I don’t feel like telling you with certainty that it is a fake, but most likely it is (I took a quick look at the page on the play store).

9 messages for 10 € is a lot… but do you pay 50 credits for each single message, or 50 credits just to open a new conversation?

At such figures, they can afford to pay a real person to manually answer all men, they don’t need bots.

Thanks for answering me, anyway I pay 50 credits per message, I also think they are too many. Now I’m sending you screenshots of some conversations I’ve had and photos.

Hi Nicandro, I have received the screenshots. Given that I don’t speak French, so my efficiency is a bit limited compared to the norm, it is almost certainly a fake. As well as the other 2 Italians you included in the screens, Benedetta59 and Felicia.

You are right in saying that it is not a question of bots, but of human beings who sort these messages through organized “call-centers”… just like those mentioned in the Hyenas service.

If you really want to get rid of all doubts, use a last message to tell her that you can no longer spend so much to talk to her, and that if she really cares about you she can choose any other means outside the site (telegram, email , instagram …).

He’ll tell you no, and he won’t have a valid reason for doing so. In short, Facebook is pirated, Whatsapp does not have it, Telegram I bet it will not, Instagram has been pirated with Facebook, and the email … curious to know what excuse it will use.

But you realize for yourself that there’s no such thing as a 23-year-old girl in 2019 who doesn’t have a way to talk to a man she’s interested in outside of iDates.

Thank you, unfortunately I have already spent 45 € on this app, I am seriously disappointed I really hoped it was not a fake. But what can I do about it is only my fault, I have to take responsibility for what I did and try to be more careful. Thanks for the help 🙏

then, since you are talking about idate, I will tell you about my experience a few days ago .. the advertisement arrives on my mobile phone while I was watching facebook .. I sign up and immediately a lot of women from my area appear … I write to a of Gubbio (pg), taking advantage of the 5 free messages they give you at the beginning.

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