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TENNIS FIGHT CLUB (CHALLENGE RACE), amateur ranking system of official matches organized individually by users, called “challenges”;

Through the brands referred to in the previous paragraph, the FIT regulates the non-competitive activities covered in this regulation.

Unless expressly indicated in this regulation, all of these disciplines are generically referred to as “FIT-TPRA” / FITPRA Each FIT-TPRA / FITPRA activity must be carried out at a FIT affiliate. Unless expressly indicated, in the context of the FIT-TPRA / FITPRA activities, the general regulations of the FIT must always be respected, with particular regard to:

The FIT-TPRA Circuit is reserved for all FIT members, who have AGONISTIC or NON-COMPETITIVE card and who respect the following parameters:

– THEY ARE OVER THE AGE TO PLAY UNDER 14 TOURNAMENTS (they were born in 2004 until 12/31/2019, they were born in 2005 until 12/31/2020)

Players who exceed the 4.4 ranking during the current season, have the right to complete only and exclusively any tournament in progress if the scoreboard has already been generated and published, unless otherwise established by regulations dedicated to any special circuits created by the management.

Players who pass the 4.2 ranking during the current season have the right to complete only and exclusively any tournament in progress if the scoreboard has already been generated and published. Players who pass the 4.2 ranking are no longer considered by the FIT-TPRA system during the year and lose any acquired rights, unless expressly provided for by specific FIT regulations.

Each cardholder who meets the required requirements can participate in the FIT-TPRA activity by registering on the website and receiving an email with the credentials of their personal account. Registration is free. During the first 3 months of registration, the user will have activated the Premium license for free.

a) can view all the game statistics and rankings of the other players, view the history of their matches, as well as, for each one, view the scoreboards where at least the quarter-finals have been reached;

d) has the ability to place ads on the site, on the bulletin board and to reply to other players’ posts;

The Premium license is active from the day the fifth tournament played in the year is reached, expiring on 31/12 of the same year.

From January 1st of each year, all players who had achieved the Premium license in the previous year will keep all the rights and services acquired until March 14th.

From March 15th, only the players who have played at least 5 tournaments in the new year will remain PREMIUM, the others will return to Basic.

– All players who play 20 tournaments between January 1st and December 31st of each year will become “EPIC FIGHTER” and will receive an exclusive celebratory gadget different from year to year (T-shirt / Sweatshirt or other) honored by the FIT

The Power is a numerical value that can vary from 9 to 99. It is obtained through an algorithm that allows you to measure the actual level of a player’s value. The Power of a player is assigned when the account is created and varies after each game, expressing the level reached by the same based on the following variables:

the Power “Race” which represents the maximum Tournament Power reached by the player within the race (01/10 – 30/09);

For the purposes of qualifying for the EPIC FINALS, the “Race” Power is considered, which is the highest “Medium” power achieved in the period 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020.

The management will be able to intervene unilaterally and at any time on each fighter, to equate the Power Medium and the Power Race making them correspond to the real value. New members registered on the website with a FIT card are automatically assigned and cannot be changed, the power according to the FIT ranking, as follows:

Players already registered with active tournaments on the website www.

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