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The program of the city book fair, which takes place in Piazza Vittoria from 26 September to 4 October, was presented. Many great names. Space for local authors.

“Tomorrow is an open book” stands out on the posters of the 2020 edition of Librixia Book Fair of Brescia to underline the particular present in which we live and the future still to be written (and read), with the precise intent of the organizers of take up the challenge of re-proposing the event born from the synergy between the Municipality of Brescia and Confartigianato Brescia and Eastern Lombardy (through its own cultural club AnCos).

The literary festival is scheduled from Saturday 26 September to Sunday 4 October 2020 mainly in the setting of Piazza Vittoria in Brescia, where the marquee will be set up for live meetings with the authors “the Agrobresciano Arena” and the book market with the presence of city publishing houses and small booksellers, a true peculiarity of this event that has its roots in the 1940s, as well as additional locations City libraries, Auditorium San Barnaba, Palazzo Loggia and MO.CA in via Moretto.

Adapt to change and do it safely. So there will be no queues, no gatherings will be allowed, no derogation from the obligation to use masks. And then sanitation at the end of each meeting and of the entire structures every night.

Meetings with limited and adequately spaced places and participation by reservation only available online. Well-identified entry and exit routes, a strict protocol for exhibitors within the book market, rules of conduct for moderators and guests and the presence of facial thermal scanners at the entrances.

To guarantee book lovers participation in the meetings, a new portal has been created, which you will have to access to register and book the more than 60 meetings to be held, always with free live admission in Piazza Vittoria inside the Agrobresciano Arena, or inside the San Barnaba Auditorium (Gianrico Carofiglio, Giovanni Floris, Massimo Cacciari and Beppe Severgnini), MO.CA (Carlo Vanoni) and live streaming at the other spaces of the event.

The cultural proposal brought by the numerous authors for a popular and at the same time quality program that will continue the experiment of the mixture of genres launched last year is wide and heterogeneous.

“Books & Music” with Giovanni Allevi (Monday 28 at 19.30) and Rocco Tanica (Thursday 1 at 18), “Books & Theater” with Massimo Lopez (Saturday 26 at 19.30), “Books & Advertising” with Oliviero Toscani, “Books & Art” with Carlo Vanoni (Friday 2 at 3 pm) and “Books & Radio” with Linus (Saturday 3 at 7.30 pm).

New in the 2020 schedule is the creation of frames dedicated to the much-followed and beloved yellow with the “Chills” section and the first time ever at Librixia by Carlo Lucarelli “The blackest winter” Sunday 27 at 19.30, the return of Marco Malvaldi (Saturday 3, 4.30 pm) and Alessandro Robecchi (Saturday 3, 9 pm).

Then the sections “Controcorrente” with Chiara Alessi, Leonardo Caffo and Gianrico Carofiglio and “The Collective” with Tersite Rossi, the Wu Ming collective, Serena Tateo with Daniela Delle Foglia, Laura Grimaldi and Michela Giraud and Joana Karda Sunday 4 at 15 with ” The many lives of Maddalena Valdez ”.

And then again the sections “Post virus” with Enrico Bertolino (Saturday 26 at the inauguration at 11) and Pippo Civati ​​with “Quarantena” (Sunday 27 always at 11), “Women and Men” with Claudia De Lillo (presenting “Ricatti “Sunday 27 at 16.30) and Luca Bianchini with” Baci da Polignano “Sunday 4 at 19.30; “Stregate – the finalists of the Strega Prize” with Iolanda Bernardini “The portrait” Tuesday 29th at 19.30, Marta Barone “Submerged city” Wednesday 30th, at 16.30 and Silvia Ballestra “The new season” on Sunday 4 at 16.30.

Finally, the section “The world to come” with Francesco Costa “This is America” ​​on Wednesday 30th at 7.30 pm and Beppe Severgnini on Sunday 4th at 11 am with “Neoitaliani. A manifesto “.

Many “firsts”: Giovanni Floris (Thursday 1 at 21) with the national premiere of his book “Adolescence” and the only live appointment of Federico Rampini (Sunday 27 at 21) for the presenaation of his “East and West. Massa and individual ”as well as the first time in Librixia for Massimo Cacciari with“ The work of the spirit ”Friday 2 at 6pm.

A special memory of Franca Valeri will be brought by Lella Costa with her “All the comedies of Franca Valeri” on Sunday 27th at 3 pm.

Space also for Poetry: Friday 2 October at 3 pm Alessandra Giappi will talk with Roberta Dupont presenting “Sincope”.

Librixia is also an important showcase for local authors: Paolo Venturini with his book on Michele Dancelli, Ugo Ranzetti and Brescia sport in the twentieth century, Tita Prestini with “The double death of his companion Sangalli”, Alessio Merigo, Alessandro Lucà, Stefania Cretella, Nadia Busato, Elisabetta Pierallini, Augusto Funari, Maria Teresa Zorza, Roberta Portelli, Andrea Barretta, Alex Rusconi, Anselmo Palini, Bruno Massato, Enrico Mirani, Giuseppe Gorruso, Riccardo Martignoni, Carlo Simoni, Renzo Rossini, Sara Loffredi, Antonio Borrelli, Sonia Found, Roberto Chiarini, Elena Pala, Gianfranco Riva, Nicola Fiorin and Laura Pasinetti.

The laboratories in the municipal libraries return to Librixia in this new edition. There are three appointments (maximum participation is 25 people upon reservation required), Chaty La Torre will lead the workshop “Hateing you costs” (Sunday 27 at 3 pm), Tlon-Maura Giancitano and Andrea Colamedici present “Take it with a philosopher” (Saturday 26 3 pm) and finally Chiara Tagliaferri with “Raccontarsi in Podcast” (Sunday 4 at 3 pm).

For young readers, the Bibliobus returns to Piazza Vittoria. Every day from 4.30 pm (from 4 pm on weekends) accompanied readings for children from 0 to 7 years in equipped spaces in compliance with the anti Covid regulations (info on program

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