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20 Oct    dating rules for men

Now I have manually fixed things, but in the future if you do it directly it is better … see you soon 😉

Thanks for the suggestion Andrea g … .. sorry … but you know I’m very disappointed with these sites as I’m seriously looking for a woman to start a true story with … and unfortunately the target that runs above all on Meetic which should be in charge of this is ‘really depressing… I would kindly like to know what you think about Tinder and Badoo… .if they are better as some other users claim… .thank you

Hi Roberts, personally I’m not a fan of Badoo because it’s a bit too trashy for my taste … but there are undoubtedly several real profiles. I don’t know how many results you can get without paying, but in the end, if you have a lot of time and will, maybe something will lead us out.

As far as I’m concerned it’s much better Tinder, which I’m a fan of. I recommend the latter and it is certainly worth a try.

Furthermore, several users of this blog have asked me \ talked about Parship, a site created with the aim of uniting people looking for a serious story. I’ve never tried it, but it’s quite famous … so even in this case, it might be worth it.

Hi Andrea, I read that Parship is very serious for those who want a story … but expensive … I wanted to ask you. You can also use Tinder on the web or you have to download it as an app on your smartphone … thanks.

You can easily use it via the web … some minor features that you only have on the app are missing, but nothing essential.

sure, on meetic you should go TOP and spend another 59 euros so that even those who do not have a subscription can answer you, and also reach the healthy slice of women … personally now I finish the 6 months and continue on badoo, much lower prices and better possibilities, (at least for me) indeed without spending a penny in just 1 month maybe I did a lot … let us know how it went

Ok Filips …. at the end of the month the subscription expires on Meetic as your suggestion, I will explore other roads ….

It’s just money thrown away and stolen. Freedom of thought is not guaranteed. The profiles did not approve me because I was not looking for Love. Women posing with their asses out and their boobs can fit and if someone writes that they are looking for fun, the staff blocks you and then deletes your profile but does not give you back the money paid and not yet used. Avoid

it is just as you say, but unfortunately we are in Italy and the girls here think they are the most beautiful in the world, they want they want to pretend, but what do they have to offer ??? Foreigners are a whole other story, I’ve been with beautiful Ukrainian women, other than Italians

I agree, the girls from the east are very + affable and natural as well as beautiful … in Italy they pull the most and usually I have been with Italian girls only via friendships-company or working environments where you can meet and establish a feeling, in chat only Italians only avalanche perditento… and as it happens Saturday I go out with a Russian I met on badoo

I signed up a few months ago out of curiosity, I will not renew my subscription, on the contrary .. I will unplug before the end. Since it is a site of mere appearance my opinion will be such! In most cases you are banned from girls who wouldn’t even shit live !! am I wrong?

You’re not wrong, read what I wrote after the fateful six months of basic subscription

The historical problem with these sites is a real number of men registered 3-4 times higher than women. To compensate they have been practicing more or less the same scam for 15 years: they introduce “virtual” female figures to mix with the few real women.

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