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That is why they are networks. I work from that place and face-to-face with older adults for the strengthening of social ties.

In my personal opinion, the Internet has facilitated many things today and one of them is to meet a couple. With my experience I can say that getting a couple through the Internet is the most practical way, and also a very fun way since you make interaction with someone completely new out of your comfort zone, you open it and then when you take an appointment with That person, explore it more thoroughly, thus, ends up meeting someone completely new and interesting that I never crossed through the head knowing.

Although in real life there are many false and hypocritical people, we all have at least a true, frank and sincere friend, in which we can completely trust and with which we can count unconditionally. The one who has several of them is a lucky one. Hello … I would love to contribute to solidarity causes that require assistance collaboration, people who need a word of encouragement, a healing to the company.

Hi, I’ve come to this article I guess a bit like everyone because we feel somewhat alone. My friendships have been marry, etc … and others, because I do not know, now after 20 years you realize that it was not all so sincere as you believed and it has gone a bit of the fret. Hello, I confess that socializing has always been a problem for me … from school because I did not feel identified with my peers and they thought it was very serious. Tremendous your post, I loved it. You have already have a new follower.

I share many opinions about everything said by Claudio, by very sociable that it is one there is always a brake point that prevents you from meeting people and finding your place …. Very intense your comment and this is, I think that on the Internet you can consolidate interesting, social, business, educational issues, but consolidating a relationship amorous is better physical real. Hello Eliza and everyone. Anyway, I would like to meet people with whom to share, not necessarily nothing transcendental but if you know that on the other side, there is someone who deserves to be heard or someone with whom to talk, even if they are only small things.

I understand friendship as a symbiosis between contribution and gratification. Hello, I have many interesting topics that you may be able to share, I only look for friendship, and know new cultures.

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